Wheel alignment and tire replacement


Wheel alignment and tire replacement

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As your truck keeps running, it will eventually reach a point where certain core components will need to be replaced or altered. The wheels and tires are usually the first ones to reach this stage.


If you notice that your truck is dragging to one side, it indicates that your wheels need to be aligned. To put it simply, your truck moves forwards in a straight line because the wheels are positioned that way. However, with use, this positioning often becomes disturbed and the only solution is wheel alignment.
Sometimes, even an accident can cause the alignment to go out of order.


Apart from getting the wheels aligned, we’ll also check for wear and tear on your tires. Trucks are commercial vehicles and 90% of their life is spent on the road. So, it’s no surprise that the wheels on a truck need to be changed more often than on a family sedan.


Plus, it’s necessary too because worn out wheels can become a hindrance to safety too.


In fact, worn out tires can also cause your wheel alignment to go out of order. That’s exactly why wheel alignment and tire replacement checks are carried out together.


Hey, if you’re going to be working on the wheel, might as well check the tires out, right?


So, bring in your truck and our technicians at Xcel will tell you if the wheels need alignment and a brand new set of tires.