Minor Services


Minor Services

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Minor services

All cars require a minor service regularly to remain in good working order. Keeping up with annual or 10,000km minor servicing adds Years to your car’s life and helps your car hold value. We offer 27 point minor servicing: –

  • Test all lights
  • Replace oil, water, and check coolant and all other fluids with top-up when needed
  • Full road test of brakes, clutch, wheel bearings, drive shafts, suspension, shock absorbers and steering
  • Clean air filter
  • Battery check
  • Inspection and testing of transmissions
  • Check electrical wiring (minor replacement of worn-out wires
    if required)
  • Temperature control system check
  • Generation of comprehensive vehicle reports
  • On-road tests (to check the functional and safety features of the car)

We will always get approval and provide full quotes before doing additional work.