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The engine is what drives your truck and it’s where most of the moving parts are concentrated. A good engine is one that is maintained regularly. An engine that’s maintained well will provide a series of benefits ranging from better performance to improved fuel efficiency.


On the other hand, an engine that isn’t paid attention to or taken care of can cause a whole lot of problems. Not only will you have poor fuel efficiency and performance to deal with, you might even end up with severe engine damage- to a point where the truck itself might have to be scrapped.


Luckily, our technicians at Xcel will have any engine problem fixed before it gets serious. Some of the services offered include engine checks, parts replacement, re-wiring, fluid check, air filter checks and replacement, fan belt checks and replacement, spark plug replacements, fuel system checks, engine diagnostics, and engine tuning.


We even provide customised services. So, if there’s anything specific you want done on your engine, we could probably help you out.