Engine Care and Repair


Engine care and repair

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Engine care and repair

Your car’s heart is it’s engine. A well maintained engine will always be a smooth and comfortable driving experience. A neglected engine will only lead to poor performance and fuel economy, costly repairs and shortens your car’s life. Our staff at Xcel Automotive provide following services:

  • Though Engine inspection
  • Tuning of engine
  • Installation of new spark plugs and repairs and replacements of existing plugs
  • Re-wiring of the engine
  • Aftermarket parts replacement
  • Full servicing
  • Fluid top-up
  • Air filter repairs and replacement
  • Fan belt repairs and replacement
  • Repairs and replacement of the valve and temperature meter
  • Fuel system- injectors/ filters/fuel pressure check and clean
  • Engine diagnostics

If you need minor or major engine repairs or want a completely new engine installation, you can be sure of customized services to suit your requirements.