Brake & Clutch


Brake & Clutch

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Everybody who has driven a vehicle knows how important the brakes can be. For trucks, it’s even more important because of the sheer weight behind it. Trucks, due to their massive weight, have a hard time losing momentum when slowing down is necessary. This is exactly why the brakes on a truck are bigger and far more robust than on a normal car.


The clutch, on the other hand, is responsible for gear switches. If the clutch doesn’t work like it should, you are basically looking at engine and transmission damage.


The point here is that a truck’s brakes and clutch need attention on a regular basis.


There is a range of repairs and fixes we offer as part of our Brake and Clutch services. Whether it’s a basic fix or a complete replacement, our technicians are more than ready to help you out. They can check and replace faulty braking components or parts, replace the disc rotor, replace old brake pads with new ones, replace damaged or worn out clutch plates, re-line the clutch plates, fix or replace the brake boosters, and even build the clutch from scratch.


Once our technicians get the job done, you can relax knowing that your truck is safe to operate again. So, if you suspect that your truck’s braking system or clutch has an issue, don’t hesitate to give Xcel a call. We’ll make sure that everything gets fixed on time and in the proper fashion.